Trying to be Better

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Dear Karly,

My teachers look badly at me and I really want them to like me this year. How can I make them like me? I also want to get good grades and become a better student. How do I change and make this year a better one than last year?

Trying to be better, 9

Hi Trying to be Better,

What you’re trying to do is turn over a new leaf-to become better than you were last year. You want your teachers to be happy with you and to like having you in their class.

There are three parts to changing your habits. You need to figure out what to change, actually make the change, and then keep it up.

In order to decide what it is you need to change, figure out what you’ve done in the past that made your teachers upset. Once you know what they don’t like, do the opposite to make them like you. If they don’t like when you call out in class, make sure not to call out. If they don’t like when you don’t do your homework, make sure you’re responsible about taking care of it.

After figuring out what behaviors you need to change, make sure it’s doable. If you have a big goal in mind, break it into smaller steps. If you always call out, you can decide that you will never call out in the morning. Of course, you shouldn’t call out in the afternoon either, but if you start slow you’re guaranteed to succeed. With small steps, anything is possible.

While making a change is tough, what’s even harder is to keep it up throughout the year. Surround yourself with good friends who will help you and encourage you instead of doing the opposite.

And always remember: Change is hard as the beginning and messy at the middle, but gorgeous at the end!

Good luck,


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