Can’t Sleep

awake in bed
Dear Karly,

Every night I can never fall asleep. I always try to close my eyes but it’s scary for me to fall asleep. I’m scared of robbers. Please help me!

Can’t Sleep, 7

Dear Can’t Sleep,


You know logically that robbers are unlikely, but you’re tense just thinking about them.

In order to calm your fears, you’ll need to relax. Make sure your room is quiet. A quiet room helps you fall asleep much faster. You can also relax your muscles, and breathe deeply.  Breathing deeply will also help your fear of robbers. If you purposely breathe out longer than you breathe in, your body has to calm down. If you do this for a minute or so, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can overcome your fears.

Getting more information is the best way to overcome your fears. If you know that all the doors in your house are locked, logically you’ll have an easier time.

And always remember: Relax and you’ll have nothing to fear!

Good luck!



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