Sad Friend

comforting a friend
Dear Karly,

How do I make my friend feel better?

Amy T, 15

Hi Amy,

While you haven’t told me why exactly your friend is sad, it’s really nice that you’re so caring and want to cheer her up!

The number one thing you can do to cheer up a friend is to show her that she isn’t alone. Honor her feelings and show her that you’re there for her. Listen if she wants to talk, and emphasize with her.

Don’t say you know exactly how she feels; that may make her feel bad. Tell her is that while you can’t understand, it must be so hard. Ask her if she wants your help or can use a listening ear.

If she wants to be alone, respect her wishes, but always show that you’re there. Whether it’s a note, a small gift, or a phone call, you can show you care.


And always remember: Sometimes all a person needs is a listening ear!

Good luck,


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