Picked On

mean teacher

Dear Karly,

My teacher always picks on me and when other people in the class do the same things as me my teacher doesn’t care. She just says that I need to behave!

Alexa E, 12

Dear Alexa,

Hm, it looks like your teacher is giving you some extra special attention, more than your other classmates. Let me tell you a secret about teachers-there are 2 different kinds of attention they give to their students: the good kind, and the bad kind. It seems that the attention you’re getting is the bad kind-the kind where your teacher yells at you, gets you into trouble, and makes you responsible for any action that you do-even more than any of your other classmates. Teachers that only pick on a few students usually (though not always) pick on them because they have the highest potential. So even though you may feel that it’s unfair, realize that it’s a good thing! She’s trying to make you responsible for the future.

The trick here would be to change the teacher’s attention from the bad kind to the good kind. Show your teacher that you respect her, obey her rules, and participate in the class. Teachers like when you show respect. They like for you to ask and answer questions. They want you to follow any assignments and do the proper work she expects from you. She’s not doing it because she hates you; if you change your behavior she’ll change too!

If your teacher is still picking on you even when you are perfectly behaved, you may need to speak to your parents, the principal, or another adult you trust so that they can help.

And always remember: Think of your problems as “potential-teachers”!

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!


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