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Dear Karly,

It’s already starting to get warmer weather where I live, and with the nice weather comes sports and much more outdoor activities than I like. I’m kind of worried because I’m not too good at sports. Help!

Not a Sport, 10

Hi Not a Sport,

First of all, just because you don’t like sports, doesn’t mean you’re not a sport! It’s tough when you don’t like sports, especially when everyone else enjoys playing!

Here’s the thing you need to figure out- why don’t you like playing? Is it because you aren’t good at it, or is it because you really just don’t like playing sports? Or is it both?

If you don’t enjoy playing sports because you’re not good at it, make sure that you aren’t held back by what you can’t do. Practice and work on hand-eye coordination, and you can become a champion! Even if you don’t always win, if you improve enough to start enjoying the fun in the sun, it’s worth your time and effort!

If you honestly don’t like sports, and feel badly about it because that’s what everyone else is doing, you have to make a decision. If it’s important to you to fit in, and you don’t mind forcing yourself to play, then go ahead and join the game.  But if you really can’t stand it, find something else you like doing in the warmer days.  Try to find some other friends who also don’t enjoy sports, or make new friends who share your interests. You don’t have to play sports just because everyone else is doing it.

And always remember: You can still be a sport without loving sports!



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