My Classmate’s a Bully


Dear Karly,

There’s a kid in my class who always bugs me (and other kids) by sending mean notes during class, calling me names, and stuff like that. I don’t want to go to my teacher with the problem cuz I think that’s mean. What should I do?

Bugged, 9

Hi Bugged!

I’m terribly sorry that you find yourself in such a frustrating position.  School is supposed to be fun, but kids who bug and bully can sometimes put a damper on your school life, which just isn’t fair. Your classmate sounds like she causes problems for quite a few of your classmates, and you want to be sure to stay out of her reach so that you don’t have to turn to your teacher for help.

The key to getting her to stop is to make yourself a tough target. Just like when you’re playing with darts and you’d like to shoot a bull’s-eye, your classmate will only shoot darts at a target that’s easy to hit. If you show her that you’re not vulnerable to her hits, she’ll give up and back away.

How can you do this? Depends on the reason for her bullying. If you think she might feel a bit jealous of something that you have which she doesn’t (could be a certain friend, could be your brains…) then make sure not to flaunt that thing in front of her. Stay low key when it comes to her. Or if you think she does it because she enjoys that you get bothered by it, try ignoring her when she does that. It could be she bugs you just cuz you sit next to her and that makes you an easy target. If that’s the case, ask your teacher if you can switch seats. My point is, there is a reason for her bugging, and as soon as you find the reason, you can tackle it and “steal the target.”

And always remember: If your classmate doesn’t stop bugging you, or if she ever does or says something that your gut tells you is really weird, please don’t be afraid to approach your teacher! If you explain to your teacher that you’re coming for help and not to get the kid in trouble, I’m pretty sure your teacher would love to help you.

Thanks for writing in, and good luck!





  1. It’s annoying to have someone bullying you but just ignore all of her comments and don’t let her insults bother you.

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