Miserable Mom

miserable mom

Dear Karly,

My grandmother died and my mother is now very miserable and is not talking. What can I do?

Katie, 9

Hi Katie,

It does sound as though your mother is very unhappy right now. It must be difficult for you.  Maybe you are also sad right now because your grandmother has died and it must be even more difficult if your mother seems so sad, too. It must feel strange and different from what you are used to and maybe you’re not sure how to behave in the house, around your mother. It is sometimes a good thing to step back and ask yourself a question: why is Mommy so sad?

Your mother is very sad because your grandmother died. Is seems that your mother has a lot of grief. Usually, it takes time to get over a sad event like a parent dying. It makes sense that she is sad. Take into account that she may not be feeling up to doing all that she usually does. She’ll be feeling and acting differently than you may expect. It takes time to get used to living without her mom.

While you can’t change the fact that your grandmother died, what can you do to make her happy? Try to spend time with her, or do something that you know she likes and will make your mom happy!

If she’s still sad a while after your grandmother died, speak to someone to see if this is normal. Your mom may need help to overcome her sadness. A professional can help her deal with her emotions.

And always remember: Sometimes you need to allow others to feel sad!



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