Dear Karly,

I am a little bit of a messy kid and the boys don’t like me because I am messy. They always make fun of me. What can I do?

John, 9

Dear John,

People make fun of you because you’re messy. You may feel hurt, or even just annoyed at those who make fun of you. Though it may be most natural for you to act messy, if it’s causing others to tease you, you need to change. The best way to prevent them from teasing you is to get more organized! Which of your things are messy? Figure out what your greatest challenge is in keeping your belongings neat, and get organized!

#1: The Big Clean: Every one of your items should have a designated place. Your homework belongs in your knapsack. Your sneakers belong in your closet, and your pjs under your pillow. It will be overwhelming to give all your stuff a proper home, especially if it’s never been organized before. Get help if you need-it’ll take time!

#2 Upkeep: After making sure all your belongings are organized, you’re not done! Keeping it clean is a challenge! If you keep it in perfect (ok, or almost-perfect) shape, you’ll never have to work too hard!

#3 Routine: Develop good habits-each time you use something or take it out of its “home”, make sure you put it back right away! It won’t be hard, and soon you’ll be so used to it, you’ll be doing it automatically!

And always remember: A neat space is the sign of a neat mind!



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