Late to School

sisters walking to school

Hi Karly,

My older sister is in school and we walk to school together. It takes her a long time to get ready and we’re usually late and have to go to the principal. Please help!

Margie, 12

Hi Margie,

Part of growing up is learning how to organize your life in a way that works with everybody else. Your sister needs to learn how to take responsibility and to become more organized and on time.

There are 2 kinds of lateness: okay lateness– when being late does not affect anyone else, and not okay lateness– when the late person does negatively impact others While it’s good to get used to being on time, if it doesn’t affect anyone, it’s okay. It sounds like your sister has the second kind of lateness. It’s a problem, and something has to be done about it.

Until she changes completely, she can improve and change her lateness from “not okay” to “okay”. Because you are affected from her problem, you need to tell her that her lateness is bothering you. Have a talk with her, and set appropriate boundaries to make sure you won’t be late too. For example, you can tell her that you’ll wait just five minutes and then leave to school without her, even if your sister isn’t ready to leave.

While you can’t always help her lateness, you can make sure her lateness doesn’t become your problem.

And always remember: Even while you don’t walk to school together, you can support her in other ways so that she sees you’ll always care about her.



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