About Kars4Kids

The Problem

The challenges are enormous. Negative influences, peer pressure, learning difficulties, school issues, and family troubles are some of the many problems that unfortunately exist in the lives of our children. The media and technology encourages distractions and a lifestyle of self-indulgence. Many children lack the support they need to navigate their complex world.

The Potential

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. Kids are our future; the next generation of leaders, artists, and thinkers. They are the ones we’ll be looking up to one day, the ones who will be running this world. They just need to be given the proper guidance and direction. And then each one has the potential to change the world.

Bridging the Gap

Every child can benefit from a responsible, warm older friend to trust in, rely on and get guidance from. Kars4Kids provides this precious asset for each of our children, and it is the key to their success. We’re out there, changing these children, one success at a time. With love and care, children receive the foundation they need to develop into productive members of their communities. We can change the world.

Dear Karly

Kars4Kids has now expanded their reach. Karly, our Kars4Kids mentoring mascot, is now available to help every kid, nationwide. At Dear Karly,, kids can ask their questions in a safe and confidential manner. The question of the week includes quality solutions, answered by our very own Kars4kids mentors. Kids can also post comments and their own solutions to previous questions, thereby being a part of and enhancing this unique and secure community.

Because our goal is to change the world, one child at a time.

Kars4kids mentors are experienced advice-givers and are here to help. Our qualified board of therapists reviews each answer published. However, for serious problems or for issues that aren’t solved from dearkarly, a professional can help.