Hearing Aids

hearing aids

Dear Karly,

I have hearing aids and I keep on having surgeries so girls make fun of me. What should i do?

Hearing Aids, 13

Dear Hearing Aids,

Wow! Hearing aids and surgeries can make you feel different. You probably don’t like feeling different. Others tease you because of your hearing aids, and it must be very hard for you!

You definitely shouldn’t allow anyone to make fun of you! If someone cannot accept you because of who you are and what you have, ignore them! If they still continue, tell a responsible adult.

Tell them about your hearing aids. Explaining to them what it is will help them understand. They’re less likely to make fun of you if they see what it’s all about.

Everyone in life has problems. Using hearing aids is a very difficult challenge that you have. Stay strong!

And always remember: You’re stronger than you realize-nothing can break you if you don’t let it!



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