Grumpy Girl

grumpy wake up
Dear Karly,

I’m so tired every morning and grumpy and crabby. What should I do to make myself happy in the morning?

Grumpy Girl, 7

Hi Grumpy Girl,

Sounds like you aren’t a morning person! There are 2 reasons why you may be cranky in the morning- either it’s because of what happened the night before, or because of what will happen in the day ahead.

If you haven’t gotten a good night sleep, it makes a lot of sense for you to be grumpy in the morning. Children your age need about 10-11 hours every night. Kids ages 12 and older need a bit less, at 8-9 hours every night, but most kids aren’t getting the sleep they need! Good sleeping habits are super-important for kids to stay healthy, both physically, and to keep you happy and in a good mood all day, every day. Make sure you’re getting the amount of sleep you need!

Another reason you may be in a bad mood in the morning is because you may not have much to look forward to in the day ahead. Especially if you’re getting the recommended amount of sleep, it may be a problem about the day ahead, not the night that passed. It can be hard to wake up if you aren’t excited about the day. Being too busy or stressed, or not having enough happy things in your life may make it hard for you to get up.

Try to see if there are ways you can deal with the problem or hard situation you are dealing with. Talking to an adult can be helpful! If you’ve done all you can to try to make your situation better, and things are still hard, try to think as positively as you can. Thinking of three things that you are grateful for at night before you go to bed, and three good things in your life each morning, will make you happy, and make you look forward to getting up each morning, even if you know the day will be tough.

And always remember: Think good and it will be good!

Good luck,


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