Divorced Parents

divorced parents
Dear Karly,

My parents are divorced and they always tell me bad things about each other. When I’m with my mom she says my dad hates me, and when I’m with my dad he says my mom is awful. I don’t always love them both but I don’t like when they talk about each other like that. What should I do??

Divorced Parents, 11

Hi Divorced Parents,

Because they’re your parents and you love them, it hurts when one insults the other. It’s normal to feel upset, angry, scared, or confused. Your parents are fighting against each other with you in the middle.

Parents don’t always do the right thing, and you may not respect them because of their fighting. Realize that divorce isn’t easy for any of you.

The first thing to do is to tell your parents that you will never talk about, nor listen to, anything negative they say about each other. Show them that you don’t take sides and won’t insult them back.

It will be hard. You may need help. Get someone else involved to talk to your parents if they aren’t respecting your requests. A responsible adult or competent therapist can discuss it with them.


And always remember: Though it’s tough, you’ll come out better from this situation!

Good luck,


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