Cousin Trouble


Dear Karly,

I have a girl in my class who is my cousin and always makes stuff up and tells my sister who gets me in trouble. Why does she do it? Please! Help me fast!

Cousin Trouble, 10 1/2

Dear Cousin,

Your cousin is in your class, and tattles on you. It’s incredibly annoying to be tattled on, especially when you’re being tattled on for something that isn’t actually true.

Having a relative in your class can cause many issues. Mixing family and school isn’t always the best idea. Is there any possibility to be separated in school?

Either way, the best way to make her stop is by figuring out why she does it, and take that reason away. Maybe she’s immature and wants your attention. Maybe she’s jealous of your brains, or your friends in class? If she’s jealous, make sure you’re not doing anything that makes her feel bad-even if you’re not doing it on purpose! Could be she wants to feel like she has one over you. Maybe she feels insecure in the family, and she thinks she’ll be rewarded for being “good.”

If you feel up to it, you should have an open and honest conversation with your cousin and sister. You don’t need to blame or point fingers – but by sharing the hurt you feel, they’ll become more sensitive to your feelings.


And always remember: Family is like music-sometimes high, sometimes low, but always a song!



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