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internet addiction
Dear Karly,

I think I’m seriously addicted to my computer. I’m online all day, and I’m afraid it’s getting too much. What should I do?

Computer Junkie, 12

Hi Computer Junkie,

By admitting that you’re online too often, you’ve taken the first step. By reaching out, you’re showing that you want to help yourself overcome this problem.

It does sound like you’re unsure if you have a problem or not. The first thing to identify is if you truly have an internet addiction. Computer time is okay, but with limitations.  Do you find yourself:

  • Losing track of time when you’re online
  • Using the computer instead of doing more important things like homework
  • Preferring to browse the internet than doing other offline activities
  • Getting in a bad mood when not allowed online
  • Disobeying internet limits
  • Sneaking online or using the computer late at night

If you see that you have more than one of the above, you’ll need some help to solve the problem.

So what can you do?

Make clear boundaries for internet usage. If you know you won’t be strong enough to limit it yourself, speak to your parents about helping you. It may be awkward to tell your parents that you’re having trouble staying away, but be brave enough to admit your problem is a huge deal.

Ask your parents if they can move your computer to a public place, setup a password, or install an internet protection tool onto your computer. That should definitely help. But if the internet is still being an issue, speak to a professional who can help.

And always remember: You shouldn’t be dealing with this alone!




  1. Lots of useful information here. Had the same problem. also helped when my dad knew about my problem, make sure to be open about it!!!

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