Buying Junk

teen with shopping bags

Dear Karly,

My mom gets really upset when I use my allowance on stuff that I like. She calls it junk, but it isn’t!

FT, 14

Hi there,

You and your mom disagree on the value of the things you want to buy. Your mom thinks it’s junk. You feel like she doesn’t understand you.

Work with your mom to find solutions that work for both of you. How can both of you be happy? Compromise! It’s hard, but you may need to change your spending habits. Maybe what you’re buying doesn’t have such great value, and by spending all your money of things your mom calls junk will only get her upset. By learning how to manage your money, you’ll only gain!

Suggest that perhaps some of your allowance can go directly into savings, and the rest you can spend as you wish. Make sure to talk respectfully and calmly! Both of you should be happy after negotiating.

And always remember: A penny saved is a lesson learned!



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