Bossy Older Sisters

bossy older sister

Dear Karly,

I’m the youngest of 3-I have 2 older sisters who always tell me things like “stop nagging me all day”, “get me a drink of water” or “don’t wear that top”. It really annoys me-what should I do?

Bossy Olders Sisters, 7

Hi Bossy Older Sisters,

Wow- bossy older sisters can be tough, and you’ve got two of them to deal with! There are a few different categories of things your sisters are telling you to do. Based on the type of request, you should either listen to her, do it only if you want to, or take her opinion into account while still making your own decision.

When your sister tells you to stop bothering her, you most certainly should listen to her. Just like older sisters can be bossy, younger sister can be annoying. Listen to her and show that you respect her, so that she will respect you.

If she bosses you around and tells you to do things for her, such as getting her a drink, you don’t need to listen. If you want to be nice to her, good for you. But if she’s lounging on the couch and doesn’t want to get up, you are not obligated to serve her if you don’t want to.

If she’s giving you her opinion, like “that top is ugly”, you should not listen to what she says. You can take her suggestions into account, but if you want to wear a t-shirt she doesn’t like, you can wear it anyway! Stay strong, and develop your own mind!

If you feel like your sister is taking advantage of you, try the “sister switch”- switch places with your sister for a few hours. With your sisters’ permission, you can show them how you feel. It will make them more aware of how they’re mistreating you.

And always remember: Even if you don’t like them, treat everyone with respect!




  1. Karly gives great advice.It is great for people who need advice and don’t know who to ask.Keep asking and you’ll get lots of great advice.

  2. most people who aren’t the oldest have that problem. I have 3 older sisters but I learned to just ignore them and don’t do what they ask because i’m not thier servent.

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