About Karly


Tons of questions and nowhere to turn? Dear Karly is for you! We know you have questions, and we know how tough life can be. At Kars4kids, we believe in you! You can ask us any question you may have. We love helping and answering kids. From home life, to school troubles, friend problems, or any other issue you may have, we’re here to help. It’s completely confidential – so ask away!

We do our best to offer friendly advice based on our experience mentoring kids of all ages; however, if you are dealing with a serious issue, please see a qualified professional to solve your problem.


Advisory Board

Esther Bursztyn

Esther Burstyn is an MSW candidate at the University of Southern California. She has experience teaching and working with teenagers, as well as mentoring disadvantaged children with poor socio-economic backgrounds and dysfunctional homes. She is currently an intern at Princeton House Behavioral Health, and a support group facilitator for women with eating disorders.

Mordechai Y. Enock

Mordechai Y. Enock, MSW, has over 20 years of experience as an educator and therapist of middle-school children. His patience and skill have allowed many children to benefit from his guidance. He is a Masters of Social Work graduate of Long Island University.

Michal Lefkowitz

Michal Lefkowitz has experience as a youth mentor in her roles as leader of Miami ChillZone, a Kars4Kids youth group, and as a counselor at TheZone, a Kars4Kids-sponsored summer camp. Michal will receive her MSW from Barry University in December 2016. She is currently interning at AMIkids, a juvenile delinquent day treatment program.