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Dear Karly,

My parents pressure me that I need to do well and I need to study hard. They’re only happy when I get A’s!

A Plus, 13

Hi A Plus,

All parents want their kids to do well, but some parents want it more than others. Many parents think that pressuring their kids can help them achieve more, but it’s definitely hard for their kids- and it sounds like you’re getting overwhelmed!

Realize that their pressure is coming from a good place- your parents care about you, and want you to try your hardest so that you can succeed. But if it’s causing you too many issues, you’ll have to do something so you won’t feel as bad.

Have a talk with them- preferably after bringing home a good grade so they’re happy with what you’re doing. Show them that you try, and you’re serious about your work. Show them that you’re doing the best you can. If you need, get a teacher to advocate for you. If you’re doing the best you can, your teacher will be happy to speak to your parents.

If you are struggling, and you can do better, get the help you need! Maybe a tutor is the solution, or you need to figure out a system of studying.  Your parents’ concerns may be well founded, and if you’re struggling and can do better, find a way!

It’s unlikely your parents will completely let go. But if you can release the pressure at least a bit, you’ll all be happier.

Good luck with everything!

And always remember: Just do the best you can. No one can do more than that!



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