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Dear Karly,

I’m on summer vacation now and go to sleep really late. Then I wake up too late in the morning. What should I do?

Sleeping, 13

Hi Smart Aleck,

You wake up late, groggy and tired. But it’s not 7 am, it’s 11:30. Yikes!

Many have this problem when on vacation. They don’t need to wake up so early in the morning, so they go to sleep late and their sleep schedule is completely off.

Besides for being out of sync with your body’s natural sleeping schedule, staying up late can be unhealthy for you. Create a schedule so that you’re forced to wake up early. If you have something you need, or want, to take care of so early in the morning, you’ll be forced to get up on time.

Get yourself used to a more balanced sleeping pattern. Wake up a few minutes earlier every day to slowly adjust.

Even though you’re trying to get into a routine, allow yourself to go to sleep a bit later than usual and push off your schedule while on vacation. Go to sleep when you start becoming sleepy, but get up with an alarm clock so you don’t sleep too long. Your body will naturally feel more tired and you’ll get used to a regular schedule.


And always remember: Create a routine and stick to it!

Good luck,


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