Smart Aleck

smart kid Dear Karly,

I’m a 9 year old boy who is very smart. My classmates don’t like me because I’m too smart. What should I do?

Smart Aleck, 9

Hi Smart Aleck,

You’re smart, and your classmates don’t like you. But why don’t they like you– just because you’re smart?

Your classmates may feel jealous, or feel frustrated that you always know the answer in class. Is that why they don’t like you? You may be bored in class and need more of a challenge to keep you busy. Many smart students know the answer to everything the teacher asks them. Do you call out in class, or don’t give others a chance? If this is so, you need to get busy in class. Ask your teacher for extra challenges or more complex questions to keep you occupied in class.

Maybe your classmates don’t like you because they feel intimidated from the way you act. Do you show off how much you know or how smart you are? If you do, you’ll need to figure out what’s more important to you- showing off, or making friends. Avoid bragging– it’s more important to have friends!


And always remember: The trick to being smart is to know when to play dumb!

Good luck,


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